Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet Tank

Tank is one of our newest arrivals. He came to us very unexpectedly a few weeks before Christmas. I was in the kitchen early one morning, two of the dogs were looking out the front window and barking. That's not a bit unusual, there's always someone barking in my house! I noticed the neighbors dog running down the street, also not unusual, she runs loose a lot. Then something else caught my eye, something very small moving around in the road. I watched for a bit but it didn't seem to be following the other dog. Finally curiosity got the best of me and I walked down to the road. By the time I got there the neighbors dog was way down the road, but a few feet away in the middle of the road was a tiny puppy! He saw me and came toward me, I ran over to him and scooped him up, all 3.5 pounds of him. He immediately started nuzzling my neck and making adorable puppy noises. I carried him up to the house. 

He was so tiny I wasn't sure if he was able to eat real food or not. He didn't seem interested in the food I offered him. I left him with my son and went into town to stock up on puppy food,  milk replacer and a bottle, just in case! I discovered he was able to eat the canned food, but he really liked the milk replacer!

I got him in to the vet a few days later, that's when I found out how much he weighed and that he was approximately four weeks old! He became Tank, the tenth dog in our pack!