Thursday, September 17, 2015

Meet Margo

Margo is the sister of Rita. These little girls came to us from the shelter in Lancaster Ca.  About two years ago word was going around that there was a lot of illness in the shelter and puppies were being killed first, sometimes without even being made available for adoption. We learned that there were some shepherd mix puppies that were facing this fate. We decided we couldn't let that happen so we arranged to have them pulled and boarded until we could get out there and get them. This was all sight unseen! We had no idea what we were getting until we saw them, all 4.5 and 5 pounds of them! We thought at first they were chihuahuas! We then contemplated the idea of a German shepherd chihuahua mix. Is such a thing even possible??? That led us to make up a breed for them, they were to be Mexican shepherds, thus the names Margo & Rita! They couldn't be more different in personality but together they are the loves of my life!