Monday, September 14, 2015

Meet Sun Valley Shepherds

How many people have thought, at one time or another, that their life should be a reality show? I know I have! My life is a bit different though. I share my life, heart and home with 11 dogs, 5 cats and an assortment of livestock. We all live together on a ranch in Oklahoma. Collectively we are Sun Valley Shepherds! 
 None of the TV networks have  come knocking on our door offering us a reality show yet, so I decided to share our lives and adventures here! We also have a Facebook page filled with pictures and the history of our unique family.
 Sun Valley Shepherds is a nonprofit animal rescue, sanctuary and advocate. We are also the biggest foster failures ever! That's why we have so many animals that call the ranch home.
 We originally started rescuing German shepherds, they are one of the breeds most prevalent in shelters today. Other dogs have found their way to us over the years so we are no longer exclusive GSD rescuers! We love them all, cats too!
 We moved to Oklahoma a little  over a year ago from the beautiful state of Colorado. Talk about culture shock! The county we lived in in Colorado was no kill, the only shelter was a no kill shelter and animal rescue is a very big deal throughout the state. Oklahoma is a bit different. Not only is animal rescue less prevalent, they still use gas chambers to "euthanize " animals. This was a very unpleasant surprise, especially since one of these places is fairly close to where we live. So, with the move to Oklahoma and the eye opening experience of gas chambers, we broadened our horizons. Sun Valley Shepherds still specializes in German shepherds but we are also putting a lot of effort into rescuing animals from the gas chamber shelters and advocating for shelter reform. NO MORE GAS CHAMBERS!!! That is our ultimate goal. Oklahoma has some nasty, little known facts surrounding the use of gas chambers. We will explore these more as we go along.
 Please join us in the world of Sun Valley Shepherds!