Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Innocence lost

Something happened this past weekend that was very upsetting, to me and apparently a lot of other animal lovers.
 A young puppy was picked up by animal control in the city of Shawnee. Shawnee is the home of the nearby gas chamber shelter. The puppy was brought in on Sunday and died that night in the shelter. It was not gassed. Instead he died alone in one of the bleak holding cells in the shelter. Blankets and beds are not provided at this facility. This poor puppy died alone on the cold hard floor of a completely uncaring facility.
 The Shawnee shelter does not provide any vetting, no vaccinations, no vet exams, nothing. Volunteers are not allowed and this shelter is closed on weekends. This poor puppy had absolutely no chance at care. Animal control in Shawnee doesn't seem to be particularly caring, how could you be if you work in a shelter that uses a barbaric euthanasia method like the gas chamber? Maybe there would have been no way to prevent this death, it does happen. But what if this puppy could have been saved ? We will never know because he's dead. The Shawnee shelter needs reform, not just by removing the gas chamber, but on many levels. The people of Oklahoma are not overwhelmingly cruel or uncaring, 
but the attitude promoted by the state government and legislation in the state is.
RIP little one.